Did Lindsey Graham Just Tiptoe Towards the Trump Train?

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Here’s a little Twitter retrospective explaining where Lindsey Graham was on the subject of Donald Trump as the nominee just six days ago:


Well, he must have had a few mint juleps over Derby Weekend.

The Republican senator who called Donald Trump a “nut job” and a “loser as a person” softened his stance on Thursday as the GOP sought to set aside their differences and unify the party.

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, one of Trump’s harshest critics, told reporters that he spoke with Trump by telephone Wednesday, a 15-minute conversation in which they discussed national security, the threat of Islamic State militants and last year’s international nuclear deal with Iran.

Graham described the billionaire candidate as funny, cordial and said he asked insightful questions.

“He’s got a great sense of humor,” Graham said. “He’s from New York. He obviously can take a punch.”

Graham, who waged an unsuccessful bid for his party’s White House nomination, said he doesn’t retract anything he said during the heat of the campaign and he still won’t endorse Trump. But Trump won the Republican nomination for president, he said, so the “insults will stop with me.”


Given how joined at the hip Graham and John McCain are, there’s certainly been a little “Hey, be a party player,” lobbying coming from Maverick.

I’m sure that Lindsey Graham believes that he has that conscience that he mentioned, but he’s a politician so the word is a bit more ill-defined than it is for the average person. He’s also one of the GOP idiots who’s just spent a couple of years whining about Ted Cruz not being a team player. Maverick quickly snapped into line, even though Trump insulted him for being a POW. Graham is likely to evolve on this as well if he wants to keep his party cred. Trump made the most important step by reaching to Graham and kissing his you-know-what.

Preferential treatment is all that Republican senators are interested in, so this should end up being a beautiful relationship.


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