Two More 'Attacks' Proven to be Hoaxes Perpetrated by Social Justice Warrior 'Victims'

Another week, another round of leftists lying about being victimized.

First, the leader of a black student group pleaded guilty to threatening other black students as a publicity stunt. This happened several months ago, but is just reaching a legal resolution this week.


A former leader of a black student group has admitted tweeting anonymous threats against fellow black college students in New Jersey last fall.

Kayla McKelvey pleaded guilty Monday to creating a false public alarm. The former Kean University student faces a possible sentence of 90 days in jail plus restitution.

Prosecutors said the 25-year-old McKelvey tweeted threats from a campus library because she wanted more people to attend a November 2015 rally on racial issues. She then returned to the rally to tell people about the threats.

Kean released a statement in December saying it was “saddened” to learn a former student and rally participant was allegedly behind the threats.

I’m including that story because it dovetails with the Great Austin “Love Wins” Cake Hoax that hit social media yesterday.

An Austin pastor who says the local Whole Foods flagship store sold him a cake with a homophobic slur written on it in icing is now suing the grocery chain for unspecified damages. Pastor Jordan Brown also said he wants Whole Foods to train employees to ensure something similar doesn’t happen again.


There were a lot of people who immediately smelled something fishy here — a Whole Foods Market in Austin just didn’t seem like the place for a random act of anti-gay cake decorating. Actually it seemed unlikely that it would happen at a Whole Foods anywhere.

Well, the Whole Foods in question checked their security footage, and now they’re the ones taking legal action:

Austin-based Whole Foods Market said it is taking legal action against an Austin man who claims he purchased a cake from the retailer that included a slur against gay people.

Whole Foods also released its security footage video from its North Lamar Boulevard flagship store that it says contradicts the man’s claims.

Whole Foods on Tuesday said it has investigated and said the man, Jordan Brown, made fraudulent claims and would take legal action.

“After a deeper investigation of Mr. Brown’s claim, we believe his accusations are fraudulent and we intend to take legal action against both Mr. Brown and his attorney,” the company said in the statement.

Had either of these incidents actually happened they would have been both highly offensive and disturbing. That they were hoaxes perpetrated by the very people who would have been victimized were either true is unconscionable.

Advertisement‘s Guy Benson said it well:

Sadly, leftists are in permanent “contentious victim” mode these days. Rather than taking an “If you see something, say something” approach, they’ve adopted an “If you don’t see anything, make something up” narcissistic mentality.



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