Leftist Professor Fired by Leftist University for Threatening Leftist Press at Leftist Rally Blames...Conservatives

Too rich.

Click’s employment became a political problem for the university because of reaction to her attempts to block journalists from covering protests on Carnahan Quadrangle in November. In December, 117 Republican lawmakers signed letters calling for her termination. The curators voted 4-2 to fire Click on Feb. 24.

“The Curators bowed to conservative voices that seek to tarnish my stellar 12-year record at MU,” Click wrote.


Positing that “conservative voices” can influence anything in academia these days (or any time in the last half century) is no less absurd than suggesting that elections in Myanmar will determine the winner of this year’s NBA Finals. The above quote is from a statement by the American Association of University Professors, and it should come with a sugar-coating warning for diabetics.

Click’s attempt “to block journalists from covering protests” was actually a solicitation for “muscle” to forcibly remove them.

Quite different from blocking.

Her actions as described in the statement should be offensive enough to any Americans, but the Constitution is often regarded as a mere curiosity on college campuses in America these days. In fact, the First, Second, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments are frequently under assault from leftist academics and their frothing little hordes of Social Justice Warriors.


With this move, Melissa Click essentially becomes a patron saint for commie college professors: she hates a free press, prefers violent protest, and refuses to accept any responsibility for her actions.

But hey, those conservative meanies, right?


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