The Rubio Media Types Are Joining GOP Insiders in Fleeing to Team Cruz

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

It’s happening quickly. As Rick Moran wrote earlier, some donor-class Republicans have decided that the Rubio dream is over.

Despite a lot of acrimony between the supporters of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, some Rubio supporters began to quickly reassess whatever problems they may have with Cruz.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Senior Editor Sean Hackbarth tweeted:

Hackbarth’s tweet came a little while after Americans for Prosperity and Franklin Center alum Erik Telford said this:

Today, the media supporters began signaling a shift.

The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin not only wrote that Rubio should get out of the race, but she managed to not say anything awful about Ted Cruz in the process, something that I didn’t think was possible for her to accomplish.

Townhall’s Guy Benson followed that up with his own musings about a Cruz/Rubio coalition.


Many of the less prominent Rubio supporters haven’t been as charitable since last night, all somehow coming to the conclusion that Ted Cruz is the monster under Rubio’s bed who stole the dream away from him. Most of their responses aren’t suitable for re-posting here. Let’s just say they’re angry.

Whatever ends up happening, some sort of agreement between these candidates and their supporters will have to be reached, or the Trump Train will be headed down the tracks with no brakes, waiting to crash in November.


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