France to Pay Reparations to Thousands of Holocaust Survivors Transported by State Rail System

From BBC News:

France and the US have agreed a compensation package for Holocaust victims deported by a French rail company during World War Two.

The two sides announced a $60m (£40m) compensation fund, paid for by the French government, on Friday.

Reparations will be paid to those transported by state rail company SNCF to Nazi concentration camps.

US lawmakers have previously attempted to bar SNCF from rail contracts because of its actions in WW2.

The rail company moved 76,000 Jews to Nazi camps during the Holocaust. Only about 3,000 survived.


As this article states, the debate over this has always been about the culpability of SNCF, chiefly whether they only did it because the Nazis forced them. This may be an admission that they rolled over a bit too easily, or it may not. Hopefully, this will help those affected by this horror in some small way, albeit very late.


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