Libs Go 'Splodey Head As Kochs Donate To United Negro College Fund

Harry Reid hardest hit.

The United Negro College Fund on Friday announced a $25 million grant from the Koch brothers, the much-maligned libertarian philanthropists that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) has denounced as “un-American.”

The Associated Press reports:

The UNCF, known for its iconic motto, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” is seven decades old and supports historically black colleges and universities and provides scholarships.

From the donation, $18.5 million will go toward nearly 3,000 merit-based scholarships to African-American undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students, and $6.5 million will go toward general support for historically black colleges and universities and the UNCF.


There are few things more delicious than watching reality smack around a carefully crafted progressive lie. While Harry Reid is spending all of his time portraying the Koch brothers as Satan incarnate, they quietly give to a variety of charities, as well as to Democrat candidates and have long been supporters of same sex marriage.

Here is hoping the Thought Police don’t talk the UNCF into refusing the money.



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