Punk Rock Icon Exene Cervenka: California Now 'a Liberal Oppressive Police State' of 'Regulations and Taxes And Fees'

From Reason:

The other reason I’m moving, if the creek don’t rise, is that when I moved to California in 1976, Jerry Brown was governor. It was barefoot hippie girls, Hell’s Angels on the Sunset Strip, East L.A. lowriders, the ocean and nature. It was this fabulous incredible place about freedom. Now when I think about California, I think of a liberal oppressive police state and regulations and taxes and fees. I’d rather go someplace and have my own little place out on the edge of town. I’m a country girl at heart. It makes me happy when I see people in Texas open-carrying. It makes me feel safe. I’m not even a gun owner, but I’d like to see a gun rack in every pickup truck, like my boyfriend had when I was fifteen years old in Florida. An armed society is a polite society.


Cervenka’s old X guitarist Billy Zoom has been vocal about his conservatism for some time now (I once did an episode of Red Eye with him); maybe he has been rubbing off on her.

She quite simply and eloquently makes the point about how progressive policy is antithetical to the freedom-loving spirit that most creatives purport to be the ideal.

Hyper-regulated and hyper-taxed people aren’t really free. It is a rather succinct message that is easy to back up.

We should get on that soon.


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