Dept. Of Obvious: Google Says Gmail Users Have 'No Legitimate Expectation Of Privacy'

Awash in duh

If you happen to be one of the 400 million people who use Google’s Gmail service for sending and receiving emails, you shouldn’t have any expectation of privacy, according to a court briefing obtained by the Consumer Watchdog website.
In a motion filed last month by Google to have a class action complaint dismissed, Google’s lawyers reference a 1979 ruling, holding that people who turn over information to third parties shouldn’t expect that information to remain private.


The recent revelations of our beloved government’s surveillance antics have everyone on edge but we all should have started being careful long before now. Our digital lifestyles make our information extremely vulnerable and it is often best to assume someone is trying to hack you all of the time.

Of course, you can have some fun with it too and put some erroneous or scandalous stuff out there too, just to get those NSA subcontractor nerds blushing.



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