HAHAHAHAHA! White House Threatens That Air Travel May Become Dysfunctional If Sequestration Hits

But now it’s really, REALLY gonna suck!

The White House on Friday warned of potentially severe disruptions in air travel if across-the-board spending cuts take effect in less than a week as President Obama intensified pressure on Congressional Republicans to entertain spending reductions and tax increases to avoid furloughing federal workers and limiting services.

The focus on what Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said was the high likelihood of cascading flight delays and closed towers at smaller airports showed that the Obama administration believed that the threat of widespread travel problems could sway the public and encourage voters to force Republicans to the bargaining table.


If this really were going to be a problem it seems like the kind of thing that they would have thought of introducing via the Sequester Doomsday Narrative Machine a bit sooner. At this late date, you can practically hear administration officials in conference room screaming, “Come on guys, give me SOMETHING!”.

And if the furloughed workers are TSA people, I’ll book extra travel after the cuts and not have to worry about looking for a call box every time I go through security.



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