Think Progress Incensed That VA Senate Kept Working During Inauguration

Politicians playing politics-what is this world coming to?!?

While the eyes of the nation were turned toward President Barack Obama’s second inauguration on Monday, the Virginia State Senate managed to hurriedly pass a bill that would redistrict the state’s senate seats.

The vote, 20-19, would have been a tie had Democratic Senator Henry Marsh been present. Marsh, a civil rights leader, was in Washington, D.C., attending the inauguration.


As outrage manufacturing (and weak Race Card playing) go, this one is a non-starter, which even TP had to admit:

Had Marsh been present, however, the state’s Lieutenant Governor, Bill Bolling, would likely have broken the tie.

There was precious little outrage from progressives when Florida redistricting pitted a 20 year incumbent Republican against a Tea Party winner from 2010 (John Mica vs Sandy Adams).

Talking Points Memo (aka Soledad O’Brien’s show prep) got a case of the vapors over this too.



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