The Returning Soldier Initiative: Matching Vets and Rescue Dogs


I love love love love love this:

The Returning Soldier Initiative matches the experience and training of our returning military veterans with the nose of a search and rescue dog. SAR dog teams volunteer in your community to save lives. Together with Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States our returning soldiers are given prospective search dogs that are then trained to look for lost and missing people. Many of our returning veterans are former military dog handlers that are wanting to continue to work with dogs as they transition back into civilian life. These special men and women still want to find a way to serve our communities.

We need your help to fund the launch of this project. Crowdsourcing works when many give as little as $30. Help us put a puppy in the hands of a soldier, help us train them to find missing people and help us support our soldiers as they come home.


I’m kicking in just as soon as I’m done writing this post, and I hope you’ll consider doing the same.

If you need a reminder about how important programs like this are, check out this 2012 piece about a wounded Marine and his dog.


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