What Does Herschel Walker's Campaign Have to Do to Win the Runoff?

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After living through the 2020 Georgia Senate runoff, the prospect of the next month is horrifying. I am glad most of my entertainment comes through ad-free streaming and satellite radio. I can’t imagine having the barrage of campaign ads continue for another 30 days. However, this runoff must be about one thing if Herschel Walker wants to win. And we should want him to win because, as the Democrats learned, a Supreme Court vacancy can happen any day. The nominations to the other federal benches also need to stop ASAP, and a Senate majority is required to affect that.


Walker’s campaign has to put President Joe Biden on the ballot. To do this, they must prepare to counter Raphael Warnock’s attempt to put Donald Trump on the ticket. And for God’s sake, do not have the former president come here and hold a rally. Georgia just reelected Gov. Brian Kemp, who Trump personally targeted. Buy a vowel and get a clue. The man in the red hat will not help, and may very well hurt, the chance for a victory.

Instead, the Walker team should ask Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to come campaign with him; beg him if they need to. Polls show DeSantis beating Trump 52% to 36% in Georgia ahead of the midterm. DeSantis leads in several swing states, and his standing may have improved after a stunning show on Election Day. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) also did well, and Sen. Tim Scott from South Carolina won handily. Kemp on the stump would not be a bad idea either.

The response to attempts to invoke Donald Trump is pretty simple. He is not in power. Currently, Donald Trump has no impact on the daily lives of anyone in Georgia. If Donald Trump is a friend, Walker should reach out to him personally and ask him to delay any 2024 announcement. All that will do is cast a shadow over December 6 that will turn off suburban women and independents, and Walker needs every single one of them. Trump convinced Walker to move here and run. One would hope he is mildly invested in Walker winning.


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On the other hand, the pain Georgians feel every time they go to the gas pump and the grocery store directly ties back to Joe Biden’s horrific economic policy. It is all Joe Biden’s fault when they can’t find turkeys for Thanksgiving or the Christmas gift their five-year-old wants. We face foreign threats solely due to Biden’s horrific foreign policy. Playing the president’s own words about the danger of a nuclear war with a concise explanation of how he brought us to the brink and Warnock’s voting record supporting him 96% of the time is in order.

Exit polling and other surveys show that around three-quarters of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, is driving that bus, and in the next couple of months, it will go straight off a cliff. Biden has drained the strategic petroleum reserves to keep gas prices low ahead of the midterms. That is a short-sighted solution that is over. Fossil fuel prices are going to skyrocket. A diesel shortage is looming, and the railroad strike is not resolved. The supply chain for basic things Georgians need, like food and fuel, is on a knife’s edge.


The runoff has to be about Joe Biden’s record and Raphael Warnock’s uniform support for it. According to Civiqs, 52% of Georgians disapprove of Joe Biden, and only 39% approve. Overall, the RealClearPolitics Average has his net approval at -12. By association, that translates to Warnock’s approval since he votes lockstep with Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden. Walker’s campaign needs to make that point and make it stick.



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