Republicans Could Learn Something About Messaging From a Tattooed, Pierced Rapper

(Tom MacDonald Twitter screenshot)

Unless you spend a lot of time around young men under the age of 30, you may have no idea who Tom MacDonald is. He enjoyed a brief wave of popularity among Republican commentators for a song called “Fake Woke” in early 2021. The lyrics, which provided an eloquent punch and cohesive message, earned him a spot on Glenn Beck’s morning radio show. However, young men knew about MacDonald before that song because his direct and pointed messages resonated with them.


With over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, most of his music videos get more eyeballs than top cable news shows. At 33, MacDonald takes no prisoners in his social commentary and has precisely zero sacred cows. He submits his own press releases just to troll critics, and they oblige him by calling him “turgid” and accusing him of being an “unstoppable force of reactionary dumbness.” Yet, he has a dedicated fan base, and you only need to read the comments on his social media pages to see how he connects with his listeners.

He is speaking to young Millennials and Gen Zs, the first generation in a century that will likely not do as well as their parents. Inflation and rising home prices will make it much harder for them to form families and build wealth. And they know it. So does MacDonald. And Republican leaders could learn a lot about appealing to these voters if they would take a brief listen to MacDonald’s reaction to President Biden’s address in Philadelphia.

He starts talking directly to his audience, “Look, I know everybody’s upset about this most recent Joe Biden speech. You know, the one with the red lights, where he’s looking kind of like a pale Skeletor? Just so angry.” Then he tells his audience not to be mad that Biden called most Republicans and people on the right extremists. That is because MacDonald knows exactly why leading Democrats, including President Biden, need to demonize their opponents.


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MacDonald lists the Democrats’ most extreme positions and notable failures in a rapid-fire and pointed rant. He emphasizes those political, financial, and cultural shortcomings that will hang on the shoulders of people under the age of 30. “These are the same people that think a woman is anybody with an imagination who identifies as one,” he declares. “These are the same people that tanked the economy, inflated the price of living, brought us to the brink of war with Russia, cowered from China, funded the pandemic, ignored a fentanyl epidemic.”

After a quick breath, the list continues. “Food shortages, gas prices, amplified social unrest took us to the verge of an energy crisis, and divided America at record speed.” Then he observes, “If anyone else made this many bad decisions, we wouldn’t take a damn thing they say seriously. Don’t let them upset you.”

MacDonald correctly asserts that Democrats wouldn’t know what an extremist looked like even if it was dressed in full body armor burning down a city in broad daylight. “Even if it came up to them and identified as a lawnmower offering to cut their grass,” he chided. Cleverly using pictures from the summer of 2020, he told his subscribers, ” My dog has better judgment than these people. And I’ve seen my dog try to eat his own [beep].”


Republicans need to understand that candor like this wins. MacDonald doesn’t care what the legacy media says about him. Republicans should take a cue from him and begin to use the same kind of direct messaging to reach out to voters 18-35—then back it up by telling voters they will not let Klaus Schwab and the Davos crowd colonize us with their pro-scarcity, anti-human, globalist government policies. And until Joe Biden leaves the White House, they refuse to fund tyranny, including the expansion of powers for the EPA and IRS in the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

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The National Republican Senatorial Committee is making a huge mistake in not providing full-throated public and financial support for candidates like J.D. Vance and Blake Masters. They are young, exceptionally bright, accomplished, and often speak directly to what our young adults are facing. Vance has a famous rags-to-riches story and talks specifically about reviving good-paying jobs in the middle of the country. Here is Masters talking about young families:

Democrats are stealing the future of young voters. They are saddling people under 30 with the debt of older college graduates and the war in Ukraine caused by Joe Biden’s foreign policy. Wages are not keeping up with inflation, and the Biden administration shows no signs they will ease the looming energy crisis. It is time for Republicans to speak to younger voters without reservation and make the commitments necessary for them to have a shot at the American Dream.




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