Joe Rogan Explains How He Recovered From COVID-19. Leftists Go Nuts.

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Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan took to social media to discuss his experience having COVID-19. In a short video, he reported not feeling well over the weekend, isolating himself from his family, and the treatment he received. As recommended by the experts, he got tested when he developed symptoms.


The Covidstan Army has been furious with Rogan for not telling everyone to get vaccinated or disclosing his vaccination status. He said previously that he wasn’t sure young, healthy people who cared for themselves need to be vaccinated. Rogan has shared that his parents have received vaccines and he thinks the vaccines are safe and effective. In a clip where Rogan clarified his position, he said he recently scheduled an appointment to get the Johnson and Johnson shot. When he got redirected to another clinic, it caused a scheduling conflict. The hyenas in the corporate and left-wing media do not mention that.

In the video, Rogan says he “threw the kitchen sink” at the virus. He reports taking several medications, including prednisone, vitamin infusions, and Z-Pak. The internet got very mad because he took ivermectin.

Boy, did he. All they could do is criticize him for taking a “horse dewormer.” While this is one use for ivermectin, it is not what the Nobel Prize-winning drug is known for. There are also 50 years of studies demonstrating its potential as an anti-viral in humans and animals. Some might call it a miracle drug. Or at least be quiet until they know what they are talking about. How about emphasizing the treatment Rogan took that could save lives? He clearly says he received monoclonal antibodies.


Rogan’s symptoms started on Saturday, and he reported feeling great by Wednesday. This pattern is consistent with other high-profile people who took the monoclonal antibody treatment. President Trump reported feeling better almost immediately when he received them. Dr. Drew Pinsky, who also took ivermectin, credits the antibody infusion for his recovery. Pinsky says it made a difference in a short period of time. It would be great if more media outlets raised awareness about the only NIH-recommended outpatient treatment rather than taking cheap, uninformed shots.

That won’t happen, however, because there is someone the media hates more than they hate Rogan. The media criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for pushing the monoclonal antibody treatment during a surge in COVID-19 cases. Florida set up 21 infusion centers around the state, and DeSantis has been holding regular press conferences to encourage patients who qualify to take the treatment. The strategy is working.

In a press conference this morning, he announced that over 40,000 Floridians took advantage of the therapy during the last few weeks of August. Hospital admissions for COVID-19 have declined over 20%, and there is a marked reduction in emergency room visits for the virus. DeSantis then explained why he emphasized them.

“As we saw a lot of people being admitted to the hospital this summer, most of them, of course, had not previously been vaccinated. But it was also the case that almost none of them once infected had availed themselves of the monoclonal antibodies. This is something that has been available since the end of 2020 under emergency use. It has been used by health systems throughout the state of Florida. But it was not something, it was apparent to us, that this was something the average person really understood was available to them.”


DeSantis emphasized that it is important to use all the tools in the toolbox to keep people healthy and out of the hospital. He added that vaccinated and unvaccinated Floridians who meet the criteria should receive the treatment if they test positive. Several patients gave personal testimonies about the effectiveness of the treatment. All of them talked about a rapid elimination of their symptoms.

DeSantis followed up by saying, “For a long time, the message to people that contracted COVID was basically from a lot of quarters was just go home and hope you don’t get really ill and have to come to the hospital. Our message is no. If you get COVID, particularly if you are in one of these high-risk groups, the message has got to be there is early treatment available for you.” The message is working. Patients outside Florida have reached out to Desantis’s office to thank the governor for raising awareness. Outlets like CNN could even score a credibility point if they reported on the success in Florida.

Now Joe Rogan, who has the largest podcast audience in the world, is talking about them. It would be fantastic if the media that is criticizing Rogan for taking ivermectin would highlight the other treatment he took. From all accounts, his experience with monoclonal antibodies is typical, even for older people with comorbidities.

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Rogan is back at it and feeling well. Monoclonal antibodies are showing positive early results for the Florida health system and individual Floridians. It is time to make sure every American who qualifies can access them easily and quickly following a positive test for COVID-19. An honest media could help make that happen.

WATCH Ron DeSantis’s full comments:


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