Another Biden Bumble - He Can't Remember the Name of His Own Defense Secretary

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President Joe Biden appears to be fumbling and bumbling with increased frequency. Despite fawning reports of how he is early to bed following a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream, he seems to have difficulty whenever he speaks after lunch. Today, even with Vice President Kamala Harris at his side, as she often is to help direct him, Biden called Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin “the (pause) former general (pause) the guy who runs that outfit over there.”


Biden could not come up with the position, Austin’s name, or the agency he leads, despite Biden having appointed Austin to head the Pentagon. Even more disturbing is that he appears to have written information in a folder and either doesn’t reference it or doesn’t know to reference it. More extended footage shows him closing the binder and leaving the podium without putting his mask on. Harris has had to remind him to do this before in keeping with the administration’s pro-mask stance.

The fact that this keeps happening is not what should bother Americans. Instead, the problem is no one in the corporate media is talking about it. In the last several weeks, Biden mangled the names of longtime Democrats in Texas and had had his live feed cut when he offered to take questions following a virtual meeting. His press secretary has had to answer questions about when he will have a solo press conference.

People may not remember his frequent press lids during the campaign. Often the media would be told candidate Biden was not available early in the day. Before debates, he was not available to the media for several days prior. Biden is not likely to have a solo press conference anytime soon unless it is very early in the day and the media actually acquiesces to requests to submit questions in advance. A State of the Union late in the evening is likely out of the question.

Fatigue and evening hours can both cause problems for people with memory problems. At this point, anyone who denies something is going on cognitively with President Biden is denying a reality we can all see. A fair bet would have been to wager that Democrats would try to keep up this charade until after the 2022 elections. Kamala Harris was polling in low single digits when she exited the primary and does not seem wildly popular now. Her down-ballot appeal in lower turnout midterms is questionable at best.


Mostly Harris is seen handing Biden executive orders to sign and standing next to the president when he is at the podium. It used to be his wife standing or sitting with an anxious look on her face while Biden was speaking from the basement. One has to wonder what Harris’s expression is behind the mask. And whether the establishment that needs “moderate Joe” will be able to push him to the podium for another year and a half.

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