The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Has Buyer's Remorse After Helping to 'Fortify' the Election

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It was for your own good. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce coordinated with a bevy of left-wing activists, unions, and others to “fortify” the 2020 election for Joe Biden. The Chamber is getting the open borders it wants and the soft-on-China policy it wants, all to the detriment of working families. Of course, in the Time recounting of a year-long initiative that pulled every lever of power in the country, the Chamber’s motives were pure, to ensure a fair and unquestionable election. To do this, the Chamber helped to change election laws nationwide, destroying election integrity in multiple swing states and demonizing anyone who questioned the results.


Then the members of the “conspiracy” — Time‘s characterization, not mine — put pressure on the media and social media to manage what Americans’ were allowed to see and read. They kept the pressure up as the Trump campaign attempted to demonstrate its claims of election irregularities in several states. We would come to find out that in swing states where vote-counting stalled there were significant infusions of cash into Biden-heavy districts. These donations funded a get-out-the-vote initiative through selected election offices that are supposed to be financed by the taxpayer. The Amistad Project currently has lawsuits against the counties that took the funds from the not-for-profit funded by Mark Zuckerberg’s wife.

Yet the U.S. Chamber of Commerce partnered with these progressive groups and somehow expected Biden would not implement those groups’ radical wish list. The proposed energy policies alone should have scared them, but they didn’t. Now, with Biden’s express endorsement of a $15/hour minimum wage, the Chamber has objections:


Newly-minted Chamber CEO Suzanne Clark is talking about the importance of getting help to businesses and families who need it. She served as president of the organization during the 2020 election, so it is not as if she is unaware of its activities. Still, her sympathy for struggling families is just touching. And, of course, we need to get the children back in school.

Take it with a grain of salt. The Chamber partnered with the AFL-CIO in its election machinations. The AFL-CIO represents the teachers’ unions. Schools remaining closed and the Biden administration dragging its feet is a giveback to those unions that were major Biden donors. It has nothing to do with a pandemic relief bill or needing new ventilation systems. Ben Shapiro reported in his podcast today that close to 65% of schools are open nationwide for in-person and hybrid instruction. The unionized teachers, however, refuse to return.

The majority of business closures came as a result of draconian lockdowns from Democrat governors. The statistic Neil Cavuto shared was a 33.6% loss to permanent closures. Clark seems to endorse the bipartisan stimulus plan. The delays in the process can be blamed on her organization and every other supposedly Republican group that participated in the “fortification” of the election.

If taxpayers get to fund stimulus checks for illegal immigrants, when red-state taxpayers are on the hook for blue state bailouts, when inflation and higher interest rates take hold because we have recklessly printed money, when more small businesses close because of the minimum wage increase, everyone can thank the Chamber every bit as much as they thank the Squad. There was no way the radical Left would not co-opt a President Biden, and everyone capable of rational thought knew it.


It’s quaint to know that Clark is not a fan of the $15 minimum wage. In a vindictive way, I hope it passes. Not because I agree with it. Instead, because Clark will get to face her members now that the “secret history of the shadow campaign” is public. The participants just couldn’t keep it to themselves. That is the problem with a conspiracy. Someone is always going to talk. The Chamber’s shift to the Left already caused chaos with the donor and membership base. You can bet these same groups are just going to love the rising energy costs, a raft of new regulations, and increased taxes.

If the $15/hour minimum wage falls out of the final bill, Clark can thank Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.). However, no Republican or conservative should ever forget the Chamber’s actions in the 2020 election. The Chamber helped to elect the administration that will undo nearly every positive thing the Trump administration accomplished. From the looming crisis on the border to reentering the Paris Accords and going easy on the Chinese Communist Party, the Chamber helped it all happen in the name of bipartisanship, which will never materialize.

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