Scott Adams Lists Joe Biden's Accomplishments Before He's Even Inaugurated—It's Not Good

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For weeks now, the fictitious “Office of the President-Elect” has been covered as if Joe Biden is already in charge. Every once in a while, they roll the withered husk of a septuagenarian out on the stage to say stuff. He stands behind a podium that looks suspiciously like the one the actual president stands behind. Then he reads words that someone else has written and commits to implementing the policies preferred by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


The words Biden mumbles have had quite an effect. He has already racked up several accomplishments in giving a preview of what a Biden administration plans to do. Dilbert creator and commentator Scott Adams summarized this phenomenon perfectly:

The impeachment of a president who has already left office is an absurd notion, but here we are. Impeachment is the process to remove a sitting president, and as of tomorrow, that has been accomplished by the recent election. Impeachment removes a president when removal is urgent and the voters cannot do it. “Mr. Unity” Joe Biden remains mum on the damage this is doing to the institution as well as the country.

The reality is impeachment proceedings are just a smokescreen for all of the horrible things Biden and the Democrats will be doing via executive action and in the House during the early days of the administration. Biden’s handlers know that the press can’t quit President Trump. If any impeachment proceedings occur, it will be a feeding frenzy for the corporate media, whose hate for Trump has built a rent-free luxury condo in their heads. And their plans for the first 100 days will proceed with minimal scrutiny.

National Guard troops are patrolling a green zone around the Inauguration Day activities. News broke yesterday that the troops are actually being vetted for political affiliation as Democrats see our own military as a threat. The military leadership has been silent on this issue after they made it clear that the military was an apolitical institution when the media was whipped up and they thought President Trump would attempt a coup. Why they aren’t stepping up now is a legitimate question, and the implications for our rank-and-file troops are horrifying.


Caravans from Central America are already on the road, thanks to Biden’s comments on immigration policy. Articulating a policy of no deportations for the first 100 days and floating amnesty in public would predictably create a border crisis. And people who desire to come to this country are listening. A Honduran migrant told CNN Biden is giving people 100 days to get here and will help them all.

According to NBC News, a Biden transition official came out and cautioned migrants that now is “not the time.” The official said the situation at the border wasn’t going to be fixed overnight. I’m not sure if “fixed” means just opening the gates or what. Any official who thinks the intention of these groups is to be detained at the border for processing is insane. They want to cross the border.

Of course, Chinese President Xi Jinping is already smiling. It looks like we are going to join the unenforceable Paris climate accords again. In this non-binding agreement, our global elite decided to treat China as a developing nation and give them a pass on carbon reduction requirements for a decade or two. This would be hilarious if it weren’t so transparent. Our aging kleptocrats and Wall Street executives are just determined to wring as much wealth as they can doing business with a communist nation that poses an existential threat to our way of life. If America is hollowed out along the way, they don’t care.

You almost need to ask a Biden voter if this is what winning looks like. Because it sure looks like some losing propositions before the Biden administration even gets started.

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