Caught on Tape: Georgia Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff Hides His Leftist Beliefs From the 'Stupid' 'Rednecks'

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Jon Ossoff is running as a moderate Democrat for Senate in Georgia. But what is he, really?

His is a typical Democrat story at this point. In a special election to replace Rep. Tom Price, he ran for the House of Representatives seat in Georgia-6. He got flooded with Hollywood money, and Alyssa Milano even showed up to drive people to the polls to vote for him. He lost to Republican Karen Handel, a lackluster candidate, in the run-off.


Following in the footsteps of Democrats Stacey Abrams and Robert Francis O’Rourke since losing that race, it only makes sense he is destined for bigger and better things. Abrams was touted as a potential vice-presidential pick for Joe Biden after losing the Georgia governor’s race and refusing to concede. O’Rourke lost to Ted Cruz in a Texas Senate race. Emboldened in defeat, he threw his hat in the ring for the Democratic presidential nomination and flamed out.

All three got outsized donations and support from Hollywood and had the national media in their hip pocket during their initial races. When the fairytale didn’t come true in those races, some genius at the DNC decided the right answer is that they could fail up. It didn’t work for Abrams or O’Rourke, largely because their moderate masks slipped off and their flaming inner progressive came shining through.

Ossoff is now challenging incumbent Republican Senator David Perdue for one of Georgia’s open Senate seats. Ossoff plays the moderate in public, but just like Abrams and O’Rourke, he is actually a progressive at heart. But shhh. Don’t tell anyone. Especially the “rednecks.”


According to Field Organizer Dino Nguyen:

He has to win this election. He’s not going to win the election as a progressive and that’s basically it. At a certain point we have to wait for the Boomers to die off.

Gee, Dino seems nice. But there’s more:

Project Veritas Journalist: Do you think Georgians are stupid enough?

Nguyen: Yeah. You can spread that to your other progressive friends but keep this on low key. On the surface, he tries to portray himself as left of moderate, so that all Georgians, not us Georgians, but all the rednecks and all that stuff will be like, “Oh he’s kind of cool. But he’s not so far left that I’m not cool with that.” But deep down he’s low-key progressive so it’s something that keeps you pumped up. Especially because I know he’s going to win.

Further footage shows Nguyen saying that Ossoff is only genuine to a certain point because he is campaigning in a red state. He says people in red and purple states are not open-minded. This from the same guy who wants people to die so he can get his electoral way.

Then Nguyen puts his racist on:

If John was running as a Progressive within like the 5th District of Georgia, which is all black, that’s the one that John Lewis the civil rights activist was running for, he could win that in pretty much a landslide. But he wants to go for Senator. Senate you have to appeal to our whole state. Our whole state isn’t progressive. It’s more moderate, right?

Then Nguyen tells the interviewer he is a libertarian socialist. That’s not even a thing. Unless he is simply a socialist who wants to legalize marijuana; otherwise, those two ideologies are completely incompatible. One puts individual freedom and private property at the core. Socialism is collectivism that subverts individual liberty. Good Lord, our education system is lacking.


We have seen enough so-called “moderates” go to Washington D.C. and vote lockstep with Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Let’s make sure all the Boomers, moderates, rednecks, and intolerant rubes in Georgia band together and ensure Jon Ossoff is not one of them.

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