The World No Longer Believes in American Democracy, and Neither do We

AP Photo/David Goldman

If the end of the world came, but nobody told you about it, would you care? Here’s a stunning piece of information that appeared in exactly no American news media, right, left or center. I read about it in Global Times, the Chinese government’s English-language newspaper.


The Pew Research Institute, a respected non-partisan opinion research organization, polled the world’s major countries about American democracy. Only 17% said the U.S. “is a good example for other countries to follow,” while 57% said it used to be. Twenty-three percent said it never was.

It’s troubling that Americans have similar views. Only 19% of Americans think our democracy is a good model for others to follow, while 72% said it used to be 8% said it never was.


On the other hand, a majority had a good opinion of American entertainment products.

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As Victor Davis Hanson laments in a fiery new book, America’s elites have degraded the concept of citizenship to the point that “tribalism and globalism are destroying the idea of America.”

Has it really come to this—that four out of five Americans think American democracy has fallen so far that the rest of the world would do well to shun our example?



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