Obama Wants to Corrupt Americans Through Fear and Dependency

Barack Obama knows whereof he rants when he denounced “Social Darwinism” in the Republican budget proposal. One number puts the president’s strategy in perspective:

Transfer Payment Receipts as a Percentage of All Personal Income

Source: Commerce Department

One out of five dollars that flow into the pockets of Americans comes from a government check (not counting wages and salaries). When Ronald Reagan was in office, it was about one in ten. As the chart makes clear, the last big jump is the result of the economic crisis of 2008. It hasn’t gone down. In fact, the median duration of unemployment keeps rising, to levels we haven’t seen since statistics were compiled.

Graph of Average (Mean) Duration of Unemployment

Among Americans without a high-school diploma, just two out of five are working.

Obama sticks his finger in your eye and then fines you for squinting. After making Americans dependent on the government, Obama warns that the Republicans will take benefits away! The jobs machine that lifted America out of every recession in the past four decades was driven by start-ups and innovation. ObamaCare is the biggest jobs killer in American history: it forces massive costs onto employers just as they reach the expansion stage (with a $2,000 per worker fine for businesses with more than 50 employees that fail to offer the right kind of health insurance). The kind of start-ups that hire less-educated workers would have to pay about as much in health insurance as they do in base pay for new workers. That helps explain why less-educated, lower-earning workers simply can’t find employment. Obama has priced them out of the market.

The trouble is that too many Americans are dependent on government help. The most courageous Republican in the country is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the man who took on the government unions — and he faces a recall election in June, with polls showing the voters split down the middle. Obama is hoping that Americans will circle the wagons around their existing entitlements — that they have been down so long that they have forgotten what it feels like to be in an economy driven by entrepreneurship.

There’s a one word answer to Obama: “Job-killer.” Republicans will have to stay carefully on message this year to counter Obama’s efforts to corrupt the electorate through fear and dependency.