Bro-Country Anthem Yearns for Hillary 2016

Gas-guzzling trucks, cowboy boots, big red barns, people praying, dusty farms, the stars-and-stripes snapping in the breeze, and hot blond women on motorcycles — nothing says “Hillary 2016” like all that, plus a bearded young hunk in a cowboy hat singing…


And now, it’s 2016

and this time I’m a-thinkin’

Guys, put your boots on and let’s

smash this ceiling.

I’ve been thinking about one great lady

like the women in my life,

she’s a mother, a daughter,

and through it all she’s a lovin’ wife …

She fights for country and my family

Now it’s time for us to stand up

with Hillary.

The video, posted just two and a half weeks ago by, already has gone viral with more than 344 views on YouTube — that’s nearly 20 views per day.

Countless dozens of people have been tapping their feet to this catchy tune and dreaming of a leader who understands that “Our American dream is at stake, and there are some hard choices that need to be made.”

At the risk of converting some red-state Americans to the “Stand with Hillary” movement, I post the video here. (HT @iowahawkblog)


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