Don't Let The Media and Democrats Get Away With It


Hey, remember the one about the communist — trained in the Soviet Union — who shot an American president causing the right in the US — which was neither communist nor in sympathy with the Soviet Union — to be cast into the wilderness for a generation?


If you’re getting flashbacks to this insanity you’re not alone. You’re not even close to alone.

I’m not going to tell you not to make fake bombs and send them to people. I’m not going to tell you that, because I don’t think any of you needs to be told that.

But the left thinks you need to be told that.

They’re up on their high horse, demanding civility from us that they never dispense nor adhere to.

Perhaps because they conceptualize themselves as a hive mind, they think we can send word out through the neural net and control how every marginally attached nut behaves or thinks.

On the other hand, they not only don’t apologize for their nuts, they act like it’s a bad thing their nuts don’t take all of us out.

Cory Booker, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters have all called for violence and harassment against Republicans. Run of the mill entertainers who identify as Democrat talk about killing the president. And not just Trump, either. All Republican presidents are the subject of assassination porn.

Heck, just now, just today Rick Wilson called for someone to put a bullet in Trump’s head as Ace reports.

And pardon me, we have to disavow our opposition to socialism and mind our p’s and q’s because we might cause violence.

But the left can deploy Antifa to turn entire downtowns into war zones. Leftist affiliated nuts can shoot Scalize and put Rand Paul in the hospital fighting for his life, but hey, they don’t have to apologize for anything.


What you have to understand here is that what the Left is telling you when it accuses you of causing violence from some marginally attached to reality felon (yes, a felon; yes, a believer in chemtrails; yes, a hater of Monsanto; his “support of Trump” is almost accidental, it could as easily have been My Little Pony fandom.) They’re telling you that you don’t have a right to exist. You are, in their opinion an oppressor and standing in the way of their socialist paradise, which is, of course, the best for mankind. They are allowed to shoot us, beat us, run us out of restaurants, attack us, call us names. We can’t respond. If we respond at all we’re causing nutcases to send fake bombs or something.

Let me emphasize that: the bombs were fake, or at least nonfunctional. Let me make clear that nobody got hurt. Nobody even got bruised. I suspect no one even got particularly scared unless the people who received these are the dumbest asses on the planet. The way they were photographing the “bombs” and hanging out around them tells me, if nothing else, that they knew they were harmless.

But the left thinks we’re all like that nutcase. That’s their view of all of us. And oh, of course, we should stop it already.

Again, the left, who refuses to call out any of the people inciting – and performing—violence on their behalf wants you to disavow this felon in Florida. Like, you know, you’re blood brothers and meet every day down in the “I also support Trump because he beats the alternative” clubhouse.


The left is very good at hanging blood guilt on us while avoiding it. It’s more of that liberal privilege.

Remember Gabriele Giffords’ shooting being blamed on Sarah Palin because she used crosshairs to show the area where we needed to get out the vote? Yeah.

The left has a long history of this bull.

But we have no bloodguilt – for one there was no blood – for the sending of the non-bombs that never exploded. We have no bloodguilt for the likely USSR financed murder of JFK. We have no bloodguilt for Gabby Giffords and — and, by the way, neither does Sarah Palin.

Whenever the left is meeting with opposition they retreat into this condemnation of our lack of civility.

They are right, you know? If we shut up and let them beat us, attack us and call for guillotines to kill us, without protest, it’s all very civil. Or at least, there isn’t a fight.

Are you going to do that? Are you going into cowering and apologizing mode because the left is hanging a multiply-convicted felon with an incoherent hodgepodge of beliefs around your necks? Are you going to let them get away with it AGAIN?

Or are you going to answer this the only way you can? With humor? “Oh, please, if he were a real Republican he’d know how to build bombs that go boom. We’re competent.” Or “Yeah? Hey, he hates Monsanto. Weren’t you yelling about Monsanto last week?” Or “Did I hear you beating your chest and apologizing for the shooting of Scalize? The beating of Rand Paul? No? Then take my answer as the same.” Or “You know if you guys didn’t keep felons out of jail this stuff wouldn’t happen.” Or my favorite “Not my circus, not my monkeys. We know you’re a hive mind, but we’re individuals. None of us know this nut.”


Keep calm and “no sale”the left’s bullshit.

And vote. Vote like your life depends on it. With the calls for guillotines and Antifa on the loose it very well might.


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