Strange Days in America

So, about the last week….

Yeah, I saw what you just did. You lowered your head and pinched the bridge of your nose. Yeah. I know. I get it too. Though in my case we’ve come to downing Vitamin I by the fistful and to being too angry to write about what infuriates me for PJ Media. No, seriously.


Again, let’s keep the country and its size in perspective. Not just geographical size, which frankly, unless you’ve driven it, you probably haven’t internalized. I have driven about a fourth of it once. I don’t think it’s possible even for those Americans born and raised here who aren’t long-distance truckers to keep that in mind. We’re VAST. It’s harder when the news creates the illusion that the other side of the country is right here, in our laps.

Then let’s keep the population in perspective. Allegedly there are three hundred million of us. There probably are. Yeah, they’ve been making up “uncountables” in the big cities for decades, but that’s just vote rigging, same as it ever was, and is probably balanced by all the people in the boonies who refuse to give their info to the census.

I read a number yesterday, and I’m not sure how it was derived, but I’m going to pass it on for what it’s worth. Officials estimate there are 20k white supremacists in the U.S. By the way, because this term has been watered down, in the last few days anyone who isn’t a fan of Antifa has been called a Nazi and a white supremacist, including myself and half a dozen JEWISH, OBSERVANT friends: A white supremacist is someone who believes not just that whites are superior, but that whites should be in charge/have more legal rights than other races. They also usually define white very narrowly as “Northern European.”

People who simply believe that people with the least melanin are the bestest people in the world are common-variety racists, no different from those who believe the black race is the bestest.

Then there are people who believe whites are as good as anyone else, aka, sane.

Because of the corruption of our language, any or all of those could be included in that 20k. Probably not the latter, but if they’re really vocal, it’s possible.


Someone said the number of hard-core Marxists — your Antifa, black bloc, ANSWER, OWS, etc. — is much higher than that.

I don’t believe them. Oh, sure, there are a bunch of custard heads who read about how great and impartial these groups are, and who think they must be admirable. But those aren’t hard-core Marxists. They’re custard heads, which as the Good Book says, shall always be with us.

I don’t believe left crazies greatly outnumber right crazies because we keep seeing ads recruiting for these “actions” and they pay damn well too. Even communists must obey the laws of economics. If they were so hot and eager they’d not need to be paid besides, perhaps, bus fare.

Someone pointed out our prisons are hardcore recruitment services for white supremacists. And yet, there are twenty thousand that are willing to actually go on record as white supremacists and who get involved in the “cause.”

Our schools, all of them, are hardcore recruitment centers for Marxists. I know. I read my kids’ school books. They were worse than mine under a hardcore Marxist regime. People who aren’t Marxists haven’t been minding the store for long enough that everything from economics to history is hardcore neo-Marxist. Even people on the right are contaminated. From the idea that revolutions spontaneously happen when oppression gets “bad” enough to the idea of fixed-pie economics, people who are supposedly on the right keep regurgitating this.

Those worry me more than the two repulsive sides, one of which wants to kill me for my skin color, the other for my thoughts.

But what worries me more than anything else is the media, which I’m sure has reformed JournoList and is trying to achieve that very old dream of the left: race war. Or frankly, civil war. They’re okay with either.

This is not their first attempt. The first time I ran across the left’s idea that a race war was not only desirable but that if it happened we’d become the sort of black-supremacy nation one stumbles across in Africa (which is inevitably hard socialist) was in the eighties when reading Helter Skelter. Yep, Charlie Manson, who, yep, was leftist, wanted to bring about a race war. That was the point of the murders.


Reading that in the eighties, in a suburb of Charlotte, I thought it was just proof he was crazy.

Again, numbers, okay? There are about 14 percent black people in the U.S. Out of that 300 million. Sure, there are more black people than gays, or trans, or whatever the victimhood of the week is for the left just now. But they’re still a distinct minority.

I get a feeling the left (and black people themselves) often forget this. Because of the way television and entertainment have got on a “minority representation kick,” people have a much higher “perceived” notion of how big minorities are. Most people would guess gay people at about 25 percent and black people at 45 percent.

They’re wrong. The type of racial-fronted, Marxist revolt that happened in Africa and resulted in Soviet-educated black men in charge is only possible if black people are the actual majority in the country.

Here? Here, any attempt to pit race against race will bring up people who have never thought of themselves as white, and who will suddenly feel threatened. It will move the “sane” i.e. “white people are as good as anyone else” to the “white people should be in charge” column. It’s a very dangerous game to play, and one the left is playing because they know nothing of other countries, or why things played out the way they did in other countries. Also because they’re soaked through and through with what I call “cult Marxism.” I don’t remember the name of the Italian joker (was it Gramsci?) who thought that the “true proletariat” was the Third World and other races, and that their rising up would lead to Communism. Whoever he was, besides being a stone-cold racist (but the left won’t see that, because they are also stone-cold racists, believing that your skin tone dictates your thoughts, somehow) he was also deluded. He was trying to salvage Marx’s vision, which had already been proven wrong, by substituting “other races” for the proletariat.


What confuses the left is that from what they know, this worked. I mean Africa and South America and other places where people tan all had leftist revolutions in the seventies. Of course they did, because America was in disarray and the Soviets were funding puppet groups. The fact that among all those proud South American socialists the only ones they can point to now are in Venezuela is lost on them, partly because the media a) doesn’t report that and b) has disavowed Venezuela.

This myth that the “oppressed,” which in the U.S. translates mostly as “can tan,” will rise up and institute a communist utopia is so vital to the left in the U.S. that they keep trying to bring this “proletarian revolution” about.

And as usual, they go crazy when they lose an election. That’s probably because their mythology also tells them history comes with an arrow and they’re the inevitable future. (Something only the extremely mal-educated could believe.)

I don’t know how many of you remember the time after W won, or how much the left was threatening violence then. But I’ll admit that between rage and grief at the 9/11 attacks, and finding out who’d done them, my main worry was that it was a leftist attack. I was so worried about this that hearing it was an external enemy was a relief.

Then there was Occupy Wall Street. I don’t know how many of you realize it, but I had an impeccable Marxist education (or peccable, perhaps, in the sense of sinful) and can tell you the planning behind that was that the people were with Obama’s most extreme plans for the country. They were just afraid to rise up. If the left astro-turfed a little and gave them an example, the entire oppressed, despoiled proletariat would rise up against bankers and Wall Street and make Obama the supreme leader he longed to be.

It didn’t work that way, partly because, well…. those people who were politically engaged don’t hate the rich. They want to be the rich. (Something the left refuses to get.)


By a careful campaign of lies and misdirection, though, they managed to convince most black people that they’re not only being discriminated against, they’re being hunted down. Recently there has been the term “white supremacy” bandied about as though we were that in law. This just means that they have no clue what they’re talking about, even if they manage to convince the very young, the very stupid, and people who really want an excuse for their failures.

Black Lives Matter is the left’s greatest success so far. Mind you, most of them are still paid. They’re just the left’s greatest success because anyone who doesn’t tan is afraid to point this out, and also the lies and misdirection this is based on.

Which is why the left has now come to the crazy Charlie Manson point again. They’re going to start a race war. And then when the people who tan better inevitably win, we will all live in a happy-happy communist utopia. Just like all those happy-happy communist utopias ruled by black people in Africa. (Shush. You see, there’s no reporting on how bad it is, and what reporting there is blames colonialism, not communism. There isn’t even any reporting on what is really going on in South Africa, and if they meet refugees they think they’re just white racists, and that’s why they fled the black-controlled/hard left country. In fact, of three refugees I know, all of them fought to end apartheid. It’s not the racism. It’s the communism. And before funny people in the comments start splitting hairs, yeah, they probably call themselves socialist or social something or other. But from what I can tell they’re a mix of communism and socialism. Since I was taught in school socialism is the way to communism — “the perfect society” — you can take your hair splitting and put it where the sun don’t shine. If socialism is arsenic, communism is cyanide. But they’re both poisons.)


So, this is where we are. The latest effort of the left is to try to convince black people in America they live in a white supremacy. (In fact for a lesson in discrimination, they should go to Europe, or to Islamic countries. Never mind.) This involves taking issue with hundred-year-old monuments to soldiers, and now wanting to tear down statues of the founders because they were “slave owners.” I’m wondering if we also tear down statues of Romans, and if the black people of my acquaintance are going to stop having statues of Nefertiti in their houses. Do those count? They were also slave owners.

That’s a topic for another post. One that examines the fact that none of your ancestors were perfect, and no, you’re not either. And that it’s a good thing to appreciate people’s good qualities and ignore the bad.

I’ve lived in the Southern U.S. I even knew some true racists (mostly black, some white Democrats). And yet, I can say not a single time have I heard it said, “Hey, look, there’s a statue of General Lee. That means we should take everyone who can tan and make them slaves.”

It doesn’t matter. The left, balked of electoral victory, is convinced that if they can get these perfect, tanned proletariat to rise up, they’ll win, and we’ll be ruled by communism forever.

They are, of course, insane cultists. And they don’t have a snowflake’s chance in Hades of getting what they want.

What they have a chance of doing is destroying vast swaths of our cities, distracting us and making it possible for our other enemies — including Islam — to attack us. It can also for the first time in centuries make the idea that whites are more competent to run the nation semi-respectable. It’s not true of course. In fact, the white upper-middle-class are the same Marxists who are instigating this craziness because they lost the election, and who are cultishly pursuing their communist paradise because they’re incapable of admitting they were wrong.


But that is in fact the most likely result of this craziness. That and the death of a lot of people pushed into the craziness by the power hungry.

The world that can result from this is not a world I want my kids and grandkids to live in. But it’s possible we won’t be given a choice.

When the left loses it always gets violent, it always creates diversions, it always uses its hold on the media, and it always proceeds according to the dictates of their crazy cult.

I don’t think we can turn them back at this point. Cultists have trouble breaking out of their vivid dream to think clearly. Absent a sudden onset of sanity I don’t see it happening.

It is the duty of every sane person to both counter their narrative and to try to fight off the inevitable overreaction.

Otherwise the left will drag us, kicking and screaming, into their worst nightmares, which, believe it or not, are no one’s dreams.




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