A Message to the Children of the Revolution: Grow Up!

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Yes, I am about to spank the Marxist toddlers, in front of God and everyone.  And you can stop telling me it’s child abuse, because legally most of these whining, screaming, breath-holding, fit-throwing brats are adults.  Some are retirement age.


My various social media today is full of people telling me white supremacy is alive and well.  They range from the crazies who, in former days, would have been wearing a sandwich board, to respected publications like The Federalist.  This last one is particularly galling because they think they’re being fair minded by calling kids who object to being lectured on privilege and adults who say that whites are actively discriminated against in jobs and education (they are, it’s the law) “white supremacists.”   As though not wanting to be abused or berated for a group you nominally belong to by virtue of birth is some sort of affirmation that you’re superior.  (This correlates with my idea that all SJWs are white supremacists.  They believe white males are so naturally superior, that unless continually berated they will become “superior.” )

And then there is this unique piece of idiocy which makes me want to sit them down and explain statistics, population distribution, and — oh, yeah — that correlation is not causation.

It surprises many people that an increasing number of white Americans over the past decade believe whites face more discrimination than blacks. Obviously this feeling is inconsistent with economic data.

Do they mean the economic data that doesn’t account for marriage, legitimacy, and the fact that a large proportion of blacks are captive to L. B. Johnson’s welfare trap, or some other data?  And what the living heck DO they think affirmative action IS but a de facto, legalized – enforced – discrimination against white men?  It might surprise many people in the liberal East Coast enclaves or in the universities, but it won’t surprise anyone who has worked – however briefly – for corporate America.  White Americans believe they’re discriminated against because, duh, there are laws dictating that they be hired last, all other things being even vaguely close to equal.


This entire idea of “white male privilege” seems to be based on “You’re not judged on your race and you don’t have to represent your race.”  It is on this, too, that the entire edifice of “that’s why you’ve got entrenched advantages and you’re for white supremacy” is based.

The Federalist article wrings its hands and whines about how to teach white people not to be racist, as though whites were, you know, at greater risk of it than anyone else.

I have a suggestion: How about EVERYONE, including the federal government, stops teaching everyone to think about race all the time?

We can start by firing all the “race studies” teachers, all the race-harping economists, and ignoring all the race-theorists.

You want the privilege of not being representative of your “race” and not having stereotypes applied to you?  Great.  So do I.  It took me years to figure out people saw me as “Latin.”  Most Latinos in their countries are called “white” (or “black,” or “Amerindian”).

You know how to acquire that wonderful privilege?  Stop listening to Marxists and looking at everything under the prism of “race.”  Humans are humans, and stop harping on race.

People who are color blind aren’t racist.  They’re human.  So are you, and you, and you.  Everyone is Homo Sapiens save some rare individuals like my older son and I who are Homo Neanderthalensis.


Under a microscope there are remarkably few race markers, save for a few rare diseases.

As for white supremacy, you show me the laws on the books where a black man’s witness is half of a white man’s, where blacks aren’t allowed to own property or vote or avail themselves of the liberties the Constitution grants other Americans.

Can’t point me at those laws?  Then you don’t live in a white supremacy.  Stop whining like a toddler, and stop using “but it’s their fault” as an excuse for your failings.  Don’t make me stop this article and come back there to give you what for.

Own up your own mistakes, and work as hard as anyone else; save and plan and be thrifty and chaste.  You too can have this shiny, bright “privilege.”

In the same vein, there are the crazy cakes female (for sure) who came to my blog in answer to this post about how an all-woman society wouldn’t be paradise, and informed us that “studies” for which she never provided the links showed that bullying, ostracism and general “female variety” psychological violence were not natural things of women but the response to living in western patriarchy.

“Western patriarchy.”  What the heck does that even mean?  Again, let’s look at the laws.  Is there a country in the span of Western Europe and her former colonies where women can’t own property? Vote? Where they can’t legally testify in court? Where women can be with impunity beaten? Raped? Prevented from taking a job?


Is there any country in the western sphere of influence where women aren’t the equal of men, and frankly, in jobs and admissions to college, in divorce law and in general treatment, the SUPERIOR of men?

Would an alien just arrived from space NOT be convinced this was a matriarchy?  (The alien would unless it lacked a concept of “different sexes.”)

Why then do you require the sin-eater males to take the burden of your failures, your mean-girl attitudes and your general evil by claiming you live in a patriarchy?

The facts don’t support you. Again, stop whining and screaming; work as hard as you can, and try to behave in a way conducive to success.

The world isn’t fair, it never will be.  Yes, there are many good people who work as hard as they can and yet fail.

And still, if you blame other people for your failure you will only get mired in failure and resentment, hatred, and despair.  Your justification might alleviate the psychological wound of failure.  It will also assure you’ll never succeed.

Or you can dust yourself off and try again, this time with more experience and a clearer mind.

Sure you might still fail, which is when you’ll have to try again.

Believe it or not, that strategy has worked for me and for just about any other human being who’s ever done anything worthwhile since this sad world has existed.


It is the one that allows you to claim victimhood that keeps you in utter, unbreakable failure forever.

If that’s what you like, sure, but stop trying to stoke a race and sex war to ease your pathetic lacerated ego.

Stop whining and threatening to hold your breath.

The adults have a civilization to preserve.



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