Ron Rosenbaum

Vatican Endorses This Blog's Choice of Beatles Albums

I’m not sure how flattered to feel but there it is. I’d seen it when it came out in The Wall Street Journal’s report on the Vatican’s Top Ten Favorite Album List. But I’d been too modest to claim credit for the fact that the Number One fave of the Vatican was Revolver.

I mean I know the Pope reads this blog and all (kidding!), but will His Holiness’s second hand canonization of my choice for best Beatles albums muster divine support for my choice? My infallible taste in music?

But then I got an email from Charlie Finch saying “You agree with the Pope!”

No, let’s drop the pretense of modesty. The Pope agrees with me. The timing proves it.

It was less than a month ago that, faithful readers will recall, I posted an item entitled: Is Revolver the Greatest Beatles Album? Or what?. Answer I gave: yes!

Now six weeks later we learn that the Vatican newspaper says Revolver is not only the greatest Beatles album but NUMBER ONE in the Vatican Top Ten albums of all time.

Sure, you say, it’s the Vatican newspaper, not the Pope, who made the picks, But I don’t think they’d run with it without running it by His Holiness. I can even guess his favorite Revolver song: “Got to Get you Into My Life”. .