Hey, Tea Partiers: When are You Gonna Give Up Medicare?

Or don’t you realize it’s a sinister government program? Government run health care! Socialized medicine! Aren’t you being a little hypocritical taking money from The Man?


What about all your brave “revolutionary” spirit? What about all the talk of the evils of the federal government? What about all the talk of secession? Why don’t you secede from taking any Medicare benefits? Declare it now. That way you’ll lower evil federal spending. Don’t tell me you don’t want to do your share to reduce the deficit. Don’t tell me you want to be one of those welfare recipients you despise.

Oh yeah, do you want to take away veterans benefits too? That’s a federal government socialized medicine program, right?

What do you mean — evil federal spending is okay if it’s for you? Come on, where’s that town hall spirit? Bond together in the good old-fashioned way of American individualism. Help each other out. Tell your doctors that you’re gonna do a barn-raising to pay for your gall bladder surgery. They’ll understand; it’s all part of the new American revolution you’re brewing.

I’d just like to know how many are really true to the anti-government principles and how many are just freeloading fakers.

Yes I know some of you are not old enough for Medicare, but if you make a declaration now that you won’t ever accept it you can reduce future budget estimates. What are you waiting for?

And, thanks!


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