Nabokov and Nuclear War

Some commenter recently sought out my views on Nabokov’s uncompleted work, The Original of Laura and acted indignantly like I’d never addressed the question before, So, just in case you missed it. here is a link to the most recent of at least five columns I’ve written on the subject for The New York Observer and Slate. There will be a quiz.


And that link contains links to most of the others. It will explain why even though I don’t believe the book should have been published, against the author’s wishes, I’m nonetheless thanked in the acknowledgments by Nabokov’s son. . Strange story.

Maybe I’ve misjudged my audience. I’d be happy to learn there are people out there who care as much for culture as they do for vitriolic politics.

In any case I’ll take this opportunity to link to a podcast of the recent segment of This American Life I I did. on the so called “Letter of Last Resort” in British nuclear submarines which I think you’ll find of interest.

In fact for my book on nuclear war I’d like to hear from any nuclear submariners who feel free to talk.


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