Ron Rosenbaum

Enough with the Hitler Costumes Already!

And the comparisons too. I’m talking about both sides. The ones from the right, product of our brilliant, subtle, commentator culture, who carry swastikas, or pictures, or wear costumes to town halls. And the ones on the left who compare those on the right to Nazis.

I’m beginning to get the queasy feeling that those who paint themselves with Hitler mustaches, or paint mustaches on images of the president (yes I know about morons on the left and “Bushitler”), or dress up in uniforms or carry Hitler images on posters, get just a little too much of a thrill from it. It gives these sad people a device for getting the attention their tiny minds would otherwise not merit. Maybe even gives them some sick delusion of power they suck from the vast abyss of evil they decide to dip themselves into like a bath in sewage. It’s so disproportionate. I know when I was discussing the cover for my book Explaining Hitler I refused to allow any recognizable image of Hitler on the cover because I didn’t want to exploit the all too familiar “star power” of that all-too-recognizable image. I wanted to ask how this innocent looking toddler could grow up into Hitler.

These days stardom seems to be the only thing that matters. The Hitler/swastika carriers are pathetic celebrity whores. They know they’ll get a shot at being on cable television by exploiting evil. Congratulations.

I have the feeling that if someone were to find a method to calculate the number of images, tv footage, page views, etc., it would turn out that these people are, in their own dimwit, perverted way succeeding in bringing about a kind of Hitler revival. Does this ever occur to them? That when they play with images of Hitler in irresponsible ways they’re serving in a postmodern way (“all publicity is good publicity”) in promoting Hitler themselves, rather than affixing a Hitlerite image on their enemy? That they may make Hitler seems attractive in a way (“he’s a rock star!”) to a new generation? Frankly they look like Hitlerites not anti-Hitlerites. Sad that this is what they need to feel important.

Meanwhile America across its amber waves of pixels seemed like it was the scene of a Nazi revival. Everyone carrying swastikas supposedly to discredit everyone else carrying swastikas.

Hey: the swastikas don’t care. Hitler loves the posthumous attention. Enough with the overblown comparisons. It demeans the meaning of Hitler’s crimes, disrespects the memory of his victims and survivors.