Ron Rosenbaum

Don't Tell Anyone, You Might Ruin It, But....

…it’s interesting to see the way both Left and Right and all those in between have, with the exception of a few crackots on either side, come toegther, in spirit at leas,t to support the courageous opposition to fascist theocracy in Iran.

Yes, there are differences, some say Obama should have been spredier to condemn. I tend to think that he was being cautious, in not allowing the Iranian opposiition to be discredited internally and in the Muslim world as pawns of the U.S.

Maybe this caution was a misjudgement, I’m not sure anyone can say so with confidence. But right now the entire spectrum of usually warring ideologues–except for those who feel the need to be partisan over any other emotion–are on the same page.

It doesn’t mean that will accomplish anything, and it shouldn’t be a surprize that the jackbooted thugs of theocracy aren’t drawing a lot of support. But maybe we should savor small moments of unity, communion even.

Of course I’m sure i’ll get more deranged hatemail for suggesting this than for anything else, most of it I’ll wager from the ususal anonymous cowards hiding behind their screennames. But maybe not. Maybe they’ll take courage from the students of Terhan and boldly, oh so boldly, use their own names. I know you can do it guys! Taste the freedom that people fight and die for.