Ron Rosenbaum

I Can Appreciate Conservative Wit

For instance this column by Mark Steyn. He’s a smart funny guy; even when I disagree with him his wit is undeniable. My fellow PJM bloggers are intelligent and erudite conservatives and I agree with them on some salient issues particularly the threat to free speech that radical Islamists pose. My problem is with conservative half-wits, the thuggish, know it all, bloviating, infantile abusers too cowardly to reveal their real names. (Yes there are, alas, just as many liberal blog comenters as ignorant and self righteous; a point I made that was utterly ignored).

Read the comments on my “Note to the Blogoshere” and call my attention, please, to any that come close to Mark Steyn level. They’re an embarrassment to the conservative cause. You’ve proven my point about self righteous preaching to the choir lowering the level of discourse in the blogosphere. Thank you.