F. Scott Fitzgerald Said...

… and I’m quoting from memory, “The sign of a first rate mind is tht it can hold two conflicting ideas in it at the same time without denying either.”


So: yes America is a great country and resonsible for many great things for many people and nations around the world.

And: yes there are shameful parts of America’s past that all honest and virtuous Americans deserving of the name, who have benefitted from its greatness (and especially those who boast ceaselessly about it) should be ahsamed of, and recognize that while officially over, have had long lasting impacts. Like official slavery and unofficial racism. It doesn’t mean you have to support all or any black candidates, but to deny those of us who support Obama the right to feel some satisfaction and some sense that this is a moment of redemption is something shabby and narrow minded.

i believe in both these propositions. If you don’t, I don’t think you have a first rate mind.

And by the way, to the commenter who says he suffered at the hands of a liberal lynch mob of anonyous commenters: all the more reason to oppose anonymity, I symathize with you and detest those anonymous cowards, but if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

I can beleive in both these roositions. If you can’t i don’t

And tothe commenter who exlained his anonyity by his experience with liberal lynch ob in the ast, shame on them,


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