King and Obama: America is Just Plain Lucky

Think of an America in which Louis Farrakhan became the leader of the black liberation movement, or even Stokely Carmichael (remember him?). It could have happened. Think of what we leaned from the moral beauty of King’s non-violent resistance. And how the cowardly thugs who tried to use violence and abuse against it were spurned by the good people of white America (and later became cowardly anonymous blog commenters).


Think of an America that didn’t produce a candidate as brilliant, thoughtful and strong and sharp as Barack Obama. With our shameful, still-unrepented-for history of slavery and segregation we didn’t deseve them, but they offeed us a chance for at least partial redemption, and to our credit we took it.

But it didn’t have to happen that way. You can call it luck or you can call it grace. But it’s something worth celebrating.


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