Ron Rosenbaum

After the Speech (1): The One Word I'd Use to Sum Up Obama is...

…self-possession. It’s a word I’ve been searching for ever since I was struck by the way he connected with audiences, and predicted his nomination win last November on this blog.

He really is his own person. Which is something I don’t think can be said about many other politicians on the scene. Not swayed by the petty carping of the “I’m not a racist, but…” opponents on the right. Nor co-opted by the juvenile hysteria of some on the left. (Vide his line in the speech about being able to disagree with people without attacking their character).

For those who dwell on his youth and inexperience, there are a lot of politicans who are older but not wiser. Incapable of learning anything, they haven’t reached maturity whatever their age.

This guy is both wiser than his critics (look at how simple minded the anti-Obama commenters look by comparison, driven crazy by the fact that he’s smarter than they are)–and savvy enough to be able to learn from experience.

And he’s no pushover. He didn’t wrest the Democratic nomination from the death grip of the Clinton crime family by being Ghandian. He did it by outwitting them and out-toughing them. His favorite movie, remember, is The Godfather.

That’s it really: I’ve alway said the people who caricature him as an effete Adlai Stevenson elitist are way off. He’s got the self-possession and the strategic wisdom of Michael Corleone.