Ron Rosenbaum

Sickening! Chinese Olympic Cat Slaughter:It's Symbolic

I’ve always found the Olympics brings out the worst jingoistic characteristics of every nation that participates, particularly of course those who host it. Need I mention 1936? While supposedly about excellence and courage and the human spirit the repellant media coverage makes it all about who won the most gold.

This coming Olympics has been shaping up as a “normalization” and propaganda vindication of China’s ugly record of repression and torture of dissidents and horrific human rights violations, revolting in itself. (And please don’t give me the argument that “the Olympic spirit” will “encourage liberalization”. Yes maybe for about 5 minutes after the torch departs. Need I mention 1936 again? Need I mention the obliviousness to mass murder–“Let the games go on!”– after the Munich massacre?).

This shocking and revolting article is, then, not just about cats, in fact it doesn’t matter whether you care about cats, it’s about the totalitarian lust for “cleansing”. A particularly moronic and misguided notion of cleansing, since slaughtering cats will bring on a plague of rats which I hope will infest the stands at the Games. If you’re planning on going I hope you get your rabies and Hanta virus shots.

But this pathetic notion of “cleansing” the most benign creatures from their Potemkin Village Olympics land can serve as a metaphor for the way they’ve “cleansed” peaceful dissidents such as Falon Gong, their hasty attempt at cleansing their shameful record of torture and murder, the savage nature of the regime beneath the smooth, fraudulent Olympic-friendly facade you’re going to be sucking up to by attending–or even watching– this fascist spectacle. I hope consumers will hold all advertisers who shill for these repressive thugs responsible.

Calling all rats: you now know where your human equivalents have made it safe for you.

And cat-haters: don’t even dream I’ll post your rat-like remarks.