OK, I'll Leave Mitt Romney Alone

One commenter in the post below suggested I had an “obsession” with Mitt Romney. I’d argue it’s not an obsession with Mitt but a fascination with shameless hypocrites who pander for votes so transparently that it’s impossible to tell what their real beliefs are, if they have any. What does he believe? What he said when he pandered for liberal Massachussetts votes or what he says now when he panders to the conservative base? I’m kind of astonished that some of that “base” considers him the ‘true conservative” in the race. What is true about him? I guess he “conserves”–in the sense of “is economicial with”–the truth about himself. Or does he even know what it is anymore?


And let’s face it there’s something a little ridiculous about a grown man afraid to eat fried chicken, or even chicken with the skin on–did you read about thhis?–who peels the skin off chicken served to him at a campaign event in the South! I guess because it might spoil his perfect cholesterol count or something. At least we know he has someheartfelt principled belief, even if it’s maintaining his own perfection for instance.

But, look, I’ll try to stay away from Mitt, even though he’s such tempting material. For those of you who want more Mitt though, I recommend Chris Kelly’s columnson the Huffington Post, the latest of which delves instructively into the chicken eating issue as a profound Mitt metaphor.


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