Reminder About Commenters

For those who may have not read my repeated iterations of my commenter policy:

1) I feel no obligation to post any remarks from anonymous commenters. I will at my discretion post those able to engage in civilized discourse without apending their real names. But I’ve always wondered why so many fear standing behind their remarks with real names. Like most bloggers I put my name behind my opinions, I don’t understand those who cower behind the veil of anonymityto hurl childish insults and somehow think of themselves (from their tone) as bold.


2) I feel no obligation to post comments that reflect racism, bigotry, abusiveness, ignorance, obscenity or egregious distortions.

3) I just don’t have the time to engage in entended dialogues with every commenter, however intelligent.

Other bloggers may have more different policies or more time on their hands. In general I’m grateful for intelligent comments even if they disagree and I’ve learned from others and I realize some people may have good reasons not to use teir real names (fer of reprisal on their job etc). But others abuse anonymity so they can indulge in infantile insults that would (or should) embarass them if their names were known.

Hope you understand.


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