Dis-endorsing Hillary: The One Remark that Makes Her Sore Loser of the Century

Okay, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. But this remark was not only ugly it was stupid. I’m talking about Hillary Clinton’s super-gracious opening remark in her New Hampshire campaign. “Iowa doesn’t have a good track record in determining who’s going to be the presidential nominee”.


I forget, when she was campaigning in Iowa did she make that point? Did she tell potential Iowa voters about how poor their political judgment was? What’s that you say? She only said it after they rejected her?

It was not just graceless it is likely to guarantee a loss in New Hampshire too. Doesn’t she have a clue that New Hampshire voters can figure out they will retrospectively be spat upon too if they reject her.

Yes, I did write an endorsement of her a year ago on the basis of idealism–that election of a woman president would be a civil rights victory. (this was before Obama announced) And on the basis of machiavellianism: that she was a cynical calculating machiavellian (i.e. a Clinton), but that was a virtue: we needed a mean, calculating, machiavellian president in a world full of danger.

But now I think she’s a second rate machiavellian, so transparent and heedless in her attempts at calculation, embodied in that sore loser kiss off to the Iowans she professed such love for up until the day after the election. In this respect she’s taken on the worst traits of her husband, treating voters the way her husband has treated women, only even more clumsily.


If we’re looking for a civil rights victory, well, there’s another candidate who can give it to us. In the post I reprint below I said, as far back as November 19, when Hillary led all the polls, that Obama had me “wavering” over my Hillary endorsement. He doesn’t seem much like a machiavellian but he seems so much smarter than anyone else in the field that the could play one when it’s needed. An idealist who knows how to play to win.

And so, not that anyone cares, but on the basis of her ugly, graceless, sore-loser, second rate machiavellian remark alone, I’m dis-endorsing Hillary.


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