Ron Rosenbaum

Most Hateful TV Ad of the Month

Have you seen this repellant spot? The one for a Ford SUV where a hateful kid (who reminds you of one of the Hitler Youth who rats on his parents in WWII movies) tells his all-too-folksy father to leave him off a few blocks from the movie theater, because “people in that neighborhood all drive hybrids”. Don’t you already just loathe all the “people in that neighborhood”, their snooty hypocrisy and their viciously snotty kids (you just know that “in that neighborhood” they all live in nouveau Al Gore sized McMansions that belch carbon dioxide like a coal plant along with their oh-so-fashionable hybrids.)

Then the all-too-indulgent father tells the Hitler youth “this is a hybrid”. Whoa, surprise, surprise! And yet the ignorant HY won’t let up: “You mean a hybrid hybrid?”. Which gives the father a chance to say, in his fakey smug, aw-shucksy voice, “I don’t know what a hybrid hybrid is,” but yes.

I’d really like to know the name of the idiot ad agency that made this spot for the corresponding idiots at the Ford company. Aren’t they, in effect saying that anyone who buys any of their other (non-hybrid) cars is a shame to their children, to themselves, and to the world? No wonder American car companies are going down the toilet. They deserve to with such morons running them.

Don’t they realize that despite this ad’s ostensible environmental concern it serves to paint environmentally concerned consumers as cruel-to-children snots? Who’d want to drive that “hybrid hybrid” knowing that people might suspect they were stupid and pathetic enough to be motivated by this execrable ad?