Ron Rosenbaum

Another Misbegotten Attack on the Bravest Woman in the World

What is it about white Western (mainly liberal) intellectuals when it comes to Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Instead of rushing to the barricades to defend, this woman, one of the bravest fighters for Enlightenment freedoms, they engage in all kinds of cowardly disingenuous sophistry to avoid standing up for her.

I’ve spoken before about the shameful British intellectuals who have deployed the fraudulent self-contradictory epithet “enlightenment fundamentalism” to distance themselves from her desperate situation. (The Islamic radical murderer of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh and the murderer’s thuggish followers have threatened the life of this Somali woman because she challenged Islam and cultural practices that prevail in many Islamic cultures like female circumcision).

The Dutch government showed exceptional cowardice in failing to offer her protection, she fled to the U.S. where a private think tank offered her precarious refuge, while she suffered the slings and arrows of idiot phony-liberal polemicists, so paralyzed by their multi-culti relativism (and probably by their physical fear of retribution) they could do nothing but write essays ntipicking her positions as an excuse for their simpering failure to stand up for her. .

So sad. And now to pile on, just to demonstrate that cowardice of this sort can be found among western religious conservatives as well, comes “Spengler” the well-known columnist for The Asia Times to find a new excuse to avoid defending this brave woman. In his recent column he explains his convoluted phony religious excuse for his failure to support her. Perhaps no accident since his namesake, the real Spengler, the German pseudo-historian was the author of The Decline of the West and his column on her is another symptom of that decline. His convoluted erudition allows him to find a new way to avoid full-throated defense of Hirsi Ali against would-be murderers: she’s an atheist!

Therefore she’s not worth protecting from the enemies of Western liberty. Throw her overboard. Apparently she doesn’t qualify as a defender of Enlightenment values–or he doesn’t believe in them–because, according to his obscure genuinely Islamophobic definition of islam, only a Christian has standing to criticize Islam.

It’s begun to get sickening and one searches in vain for any rationale for this syndrome. it doesn’t take much courage to speak out in her behalf, but apparently these soi disant intellectuals lack even that.