Ron Rosenbaum

A Question About Saddam's Execution and the Beheading Videos

Like most everyone I was shocked , disturbed, dismayed by the Saddam Hussein execution cell-phone video. Barbaric, no question. Should have been done with dignity. Yet here’s something else that shocked me: a remark by an Arab writer in a London newspaper that the whole Arab world, all of Muslim culture is humiliated and ashamed by the manner of Saddam’s execution (and of course America’s responsiblity).

My question: where were all the commenters who are suddenly shocked by the messy execution of a mass murderer when he was gassing, torturing and exterminating dissidents and ethnic minorities? Did I miss their outcry? Have those in the Middle East now writing about the barbarity of the hanging of Saddam been writing about how shocked, ashamed and humiliated as a culture they are by the barbaric beheading videos that regularly are put up on Arab media and the internet by “insurgents”?

Just asking.