The" I'm Alright Jack" Syndrome, American jewish Version

Well I gues it’s Jewish day today, but what triggered this post was one more proclamation by an anti-Israel Jew objecting to concern about anti semitism by saying, “Jews in America have never been more powerful and influential” in one form or another.


Gee Einstein, no kidding. No one’s disputing that. But Jews in America are not the only Jews inthe world. Must your universalism deny you any fellow feeling if it makes you the least bit uncomfortable. not only are not your brother’s keeper, you won’t acknowledge you have any brothers. You’re so universal, so nonidentified with any single group, you’re no one at all.

It sure must feel better that way doesn’t it, only worrying about yourself and finding you have nothing to worry about? Hey then, no worrries about Jews in France where busses of Jewish schoolchildren are regularly attacked by anti-semitic cowards, no worries about Jews in Israel attempting to live everyday with exterminationist threats hanging over them, when suicide bombers are not blowing up their cafes.

Guys, I congratulate you: it makes life so much easier to be a Jew and say there’s nothing for Jews to worry about because you are doing okay. Mazel Tov.


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