Ron Rosenbaum

A Literary/Political Blog That Deserves More Recognition

I’m surprized that more people aren’t talking about this blog.

It’s one of the most sophisticated, witty, thoughtful, erudite,subtle and unpredictable political/literary sites I’ve come upon. And it’s written by two twenty-something recent Dartmouth grads, Michael Weiss and Nic Duquette. Even when I disagree I’m impressed by the depth of their reading. Too many politically inclined blogs, right and left, are written as if by half-literate sports fans only interested in boosting their team and insulting the other. So many display a superficial knowledge of literature and history and what they disclose about the nature of human nature–the foundation of all political thought. So many could learn from

In fact the only thing I don’t like about the blog is it’s misleading name, since it seems to me to be the very oppposite of mere snark. Not that I have anything against mere snark–except when wise-guy-ism poses as wisdom.Maybe they should change it to Quarksmith, after the fundamental particle.

Anyway they seem to be in some sort of late August hiatus, so this would be a good time for you to check out the kind of thing they’ve been doing.