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Andrew Sullivan Asks PJM to Remove my Blog Post and to Apologize. He Won't Get One. Here's Why!

A while back, I posted this blog on an Israeli’s response to the Goldstone Report. Now, at his website at TheAtlantic.Com, Andrew Sullivan is asking me and PJM to “take down this racist post and apologize.” He also accuses me of “McCarthyism” and  “of being unhinged on the matter of the Middle East” and of moving towards “grotesque slanders of the ‘treasonous’ motives of a man like Goldstone.”

It seems like every time a centrist conservative like myself makes a charge a liberal disagrees with, the response is the ad hominem path of accusing me of McCarthyism or of being crazy. [Yes, Andrew, I know you call yourself a conservative. But as the President acknowledged by inviting you to the liberals' meeting with the press when he was inaugurated, he knows that in politics, you are firmly on the left-liberal side.] First, months ago, Rick Hertzberg of The New Yorker wrote that I had “lost my marbles,” and now Andrew Sullivan says I am “unhinged.” I find it interesting how not only are these people pundits, but amateur psychoanalysts as well.

The purpose of the blog and the letter I posted was not that of agreeing with everything the author of the letter, Roy Chweidan, wrote. Indeed, I put in this caveat that Sullivan neglects to cite. I wrote: “I cannot vouch for the factual data he offers. You can read it yourself and judge whether the charges made by the writer have merit.”  I did think, as I said in the original post, that Chweidan makes many charges about Goldstone’s past record as a judge in South Africa that casts much light on his integrity and trustworthiness. Now, much more material has come to light that in fact provides substantiation for what this Israeli asserts.

First, a reader of my blog, Jon Burack, posted a remarkable documented thirty-eight page report about Goldstone’s record in South Africa written by a law student who knew him, Ayal Rosenberg. It can be found here.  I e-mailed this to Sullivan at the time, and asked him to read it and take what Rosenberg writes into consideration.  He did not respond to me about this. Clearly, he has not bothered to read it.  Rosenberg reveals that Goldstone was an opportunist careerist who became an “apartheid judge,” only switching later at the opportune moment to the cause of the ANC, and then became a judge who quickly moved to prevent any real inquiry into the ANC’s criminal actions during the era of opposition to the apartheid state.

Now, yet another article has appeared confirming what Ayal Rosenberg writes, this time from the website of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.  In a report titled “Who Is Richard Goldstone,” R.W. Johnson writes that he is hardly surprised that Goldstone could “lend himself to such an obviously biased mission mandated by a Human Right Council that it is itself full of human rights violators” and “habitual Israeli-haters.”

Johnson, like the two other South African writers, notes that Goldstone drew the anger of liberal judges when he accepted appointment from the apartheid regime, and later, for refusing “to investigate any form of violence organized by the ANC,” which of course viewed him as their “favorite judge.” Moreover, he endorsed the concept of “collective guilt” and argued that all whites in South Africa were equally guilty of supporting apartheid and that it was proper to deprive whites of jobs for which they were qualified since they had to pay for “the sins of the fathers.”  He became, as Johnson puts it, “an icon of political correctness.”