The essential articles on the war against Hamas

I will be blogging later on another issue. But a few must-read essential articles- simply the most cogent and important- are available today. They come from the pens of Michael Oren– the prize-winning historian now at Georgetown University and the Shalem Center in Jerusalem, and his colleague Yossi Klein Halevi, The New Republic correspondent in Jerusalem. More then any other writers, they have analyzed the real stakes behind the need for an Israeli success.


The stakes in the issue are developed well by Ralph Peters in The New York Post and by former Ambassador to the US from Israel, Dore Gold

Read all these, and pass them on . 

We in the United States who wish Israel well must do our part to prevent the media from focusing on civilian losses in Gaza- the very goal of Hamas-and to prevent the media from portraying the issue as one of Israeli disproportionate force, which will lead to a new round of international condemnation of Israel.



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