Tea Party Defenders Compound Racial Slurs By Calling Victims Liars

It makes me think of that Jack Nicholson line “You can’t handle the truth”. After three Congressmen testify to being targets of the n-word by TPers, a defender of the racists posts a ten second video that claims that proves the victims are liars because it’s not evident in those ten seconds, then veers into a hysterical rant, does everything to change the subject. But how satisfying it must be to add insult to injury.


First of all it’s a pathetic evasion verging on a lie to say it wasjust a CNN reporter who made the charge. The victims of the slurs themselves, among them one of America’s great civil rights heroes, Congressman John Lewis. I’m sure most TPers, ignorant of history, especially civil rights history, must not know who this man is, and in your sad little echo chamber of bile and bigotry you would never learn. But take some time to look him up, he’s a better man than any of you will ever be, and then hang your heads in shame for defending or denying the slurs he had to endure from your fellows. .

How desperate TP defenders are getting as their true nature is revealed.



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