Modest Proposal: A Moron-torium

I was going to call for a moratorium on vicious wicked creeps giving all religion a bad name by blaming natural disasters on “God’s wrath” at some behavior they, in their all-knowing idiocy, disapprove of. An ignoble tradition going back to 9/11. Right: 3000 people in my city died because they don’t believe in your primitive theocracy. Now it’s heartless, cruel fools blaming the California wildfires on God’s wrath at gay marriage proponents. Isn’t it enough for their stunted souls to revel in breaking the hearts of people who merely want to be allowed to have their relationship recognized by the state?


Or must all suffer because these mean spirited jerks somehow fear their marriage is threatened by this minor concession to tolerance and civility of others. What pathetically weak marriages they must be. (And by the way, when is this supposedly just and loving God going start displaying some of that wrath at the way these cruel fools slime His name with their hatred? Wake up and smell the coffee brewing Big Guy.)

Go ahead believe whatever hate-filled interpretation of religion you want but don’t insult God and man with your moronic interpretation of the weather.

So I can’t help but feeling that moratorium isn’t sufficent to describe what I’m proposing. Moron-toroium is more like it.


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