Hyman Roth, Gil Roth, Phil Roth

A commenter was kind enough to credit me for picking all four winners this weekend. Yet much as I would like to claim a perfect day, I must concede that I was only 2-2 against the Almighty Line. The Seahawks beat Dallas by just 1 point (the line was 3) and the Eagles only beat the Giants by three (the line was 7 points.)


But I was right about the Colts and the Pats–and the line.

In Godfather Two it is said of Hyman Roth, the Meyer Lansky figure, “He always made money for his partners.”

Of me, so far you can say “He hasn’t yet lost money for his partners.” Not true, I believe of a certain Gil Roth (!) who, as of yet, has not posted his excuses. Nor for that matter has Philip Roth been heard from.

Back with more take-it-to-the-bank picks before gametime next Saturday. Also my conjectures on what Philip Roth’s picks would be.


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