Roger L. Simon

PJ Farewell

I’m not going to bury the lede. After fifteen years, I am leaving the company I co-founded, PJ Media, to write exclusively (for journalism) for The Epoch Times.

Yes, to be totally candid, as with many things, it is partly about the money. I have responsibilities to my family and to myself. But it is also time to move on, to find new horizons and new challenges. Everything, as they say, has a season.

In so doing, I would like to offer my deepest thanks, my most profound gratitude, to the readers of this site. You have changed my life, quite literally. I have learned more from the comments section and from other more personal interactions with many of you than you could ever possibly learn from me.

This is sayonara, but not good-bye. I will be looking in on PJM, confident that it is thriving as never before with its new VIP section, knowing it is in the hands of many fine writers and editors.

When then Pajamas Media emerged from the blogosphere, it was something new. A relationship with readers was built through dialogue that should be precious to any writer. This is something I honor — at least I try to. Toward that end, if any of you want to communicate with me going forward, I can be reached at this new email address: [email protected] (no, I’m not moving to New York).

All the best to all the readers of PJM, ever and always,