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The Pre-Impeachment of Donald Trump Never Stopped

The Pre-Impeachment of Donald Trump Never Stopped
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We all know why impeachment is really happening — and when I say all, I include especially the Democrats and their devoted media allies/leaders. They know because they live in fear of what they wrought and desperately want to hide it or bury it (under impeachment) before it is laid out before the public.

I refer, of course, to the imminent exposure — at least we hope it is coming — of the predicates of the Russia probe, easily the most despicable and seditious attempt to unseat a president in American history. This attempt to impeach or, at that point, to interdict began on or not long after June 16, 2015, the day Donald Trump announced his candidacy.

What is happening now is merely a continuation of a process that started then. Trump was the first president to be “impeached” before he was elected — a neat trick if there ever was one. In a manner of speaking, the group or groups behind the Russia probe wanted to pre-impeach him. And they never gave up, not even for a minute, even after the Mueller collusion investigation came up empty after two years and multiple millions spent.

Throughout that investigation, leaks were a daily event, almost all aimed at assuring us there was demonstrable evidence of collusion. These leaks were almost always dead wrong or inaccurate, although they did, on occasion, garner Pulitzers for their recipients. They were also illegal, but punishment, though promised, never happened.

Nevertheless, in the end, they were not enough to bring down the president, so whistleblowers were brought in who, in reality, were leakers with a new name, augmented by the meretricious cover of having filled out some government forms. Moreover, these leakers/whistleblowers were intelligence agents, though this too was nothing new since the original leakers were often intelligence agents as well. There is no deeper Deep State than the CIA. It’s a veritable Mariana Trench. Like some prehistoric sea monster, its denizens have been lurking just below the surface to drag the impostor Trump down into the depths since, or before (as noted), his election, throwing up whatever accusation necessary to justify their vile activity and mollify what might be left of their consciences.

Never mind that they themselves were the originators and instigators of the current proximate cause — foreign meddling (in their cases Italy, Australia, the UK, and Ukraine that we know of so far) — it is Trump who must fall for this sin. They must protect their shallow bureaucratic lives at all costs, even if it means the dissolution of this democratic republic, this nation that we are supposed to love, even if it means civil war. Whatever happens, they will blame Donald Trump at the top of their Beltway lungs when they themselves are to blame.

This is how the nonstop impeachment efforts are viewed and have been viewed from the beginning by we “deplorables” out here in flyover country. I count myself as one of them because I — although my two Ivy League degrees, thirteen books, and seven feature films don’t quite compute with Obama’s bigoted “guns and religion” description — prefer to identify with people I feel are honest and decent. It was also my observation when covering the 2016 election that people who attended the Trump rallies were considerably smarter than those behind the media rope line, and not just in terms of common sense.

But here we are approaching the holiday season with our country — despite record-low unemployment, growing salaries, and a near-record stock market — riven as never before since that original Civil War, the madmen and women in Washington driven by a bloodlust more appropriate to the Middle Ages. Will they come to their senses and start addressing matters that actually have to do with people’s lives, not their own puny ambitions, and petty hatreds? Unlikely.

So what are we “deplorables’ to do? For now, take a breath and maybe look Heavenward… and make sure we’re registered to vote in November 2020 in Surprise II, the Sequel.

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