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Hate in the Time of Tantrums

We're living in a time of tantrums right now.  Liberals, progressives, and soi-disant social justice warriors are acting out everywhere from Harvard to the Hollywood Freeway that was blocked near my house last night by demonstrators waving signs reading "Love Trumps Hate," as they chanted "F... Trump!" over the din of the traffic.

And speaking of Hollywood, emblematic of the reaction hereabouts is a letter written by Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin immediately after the "worst election ever" to his daughter and ex-wife (patriarchally addressed as "Sorkin Girls") and published in, where else, Vanity Fair.  It's the usual screed about Donald Trump's supposedly horrid sexism and racism authored, without shame, by a man who was arrested for drugs, including crack cocaine from which he was supposedly cured, on a solo trip to Vegas when the daughter he acts as if he is so concerned with in the letter was a one-year-old. His ex-wife, the one addressed in the letter, divorced him shortly thereafter. He was also apparently patronizing $1000 hookers at a pace that would leave Eliot Spitzer in the dust.

But that's only the glamor version of the mind-numbing hypocrisy with which we are being currently inundated.

If you wander through Facebook—you probably shouldn't—you will find endless fiftyish women whinging until they expire with the vapors about how their daughters are terrified to go out because Donald Trump was caught bragging about grabbing a woman's you-know-what.  These same women said nary a word when Bill Clinton didn't brag at all, but stuck an actual cigar in the pudendum of the twenty-two-year old Monica Lewinsky as they stood in a corridor outside the oval office.  Nor did these same women so much as utter a peep when Hillary Clinton ludicrously declared her husband's repulsively macho behavior with a young White House intern to be a result of the "Great Right-Wing Conspiracy."  Well, I suppose if Uri Geller can bend spoons...

And speaking of ludicrous, according to the Daily Mail, New Balance shoe owners are lighting them afire after the company "expressed support" for Donald Trump. Why don't these great progressives donate the sneaks to the needy?  (As always with the DM, do not miss the comments.)

So this is a time to keep cool.  The reverberations from that shock of stocks—Donald Trump's winning the presidency—are probably going to be with us for awhile and may get a lot worse, even turn more violent than they already have been (minor incidents, unless you're a dog).